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Admin Notes


-瀏覽須登入會員 首次登入 Sign Up 以後登入 Log In


-會員免費 可隨時加入或退出


-如遇無法留言的情況 請至會員檔案(profile)欄內選擇publish​ 或與網站聯絡

-會員檔案欄內點選subscribe 可收到網頁新發表的更新通知

-"白象"為購物區 須自付運費 會員贈品免運費



-歡迎全球各地網友對"獨白與對話" 及 "寫信" 兩區塊上傳作品 經本網小編審閱挑選後發表

-視頻請勿超過兩分鐘 如果不是英語或漢語 請加字幕或配音

-文字請勿超過一頁 如果不是英語或漢語 請附翻譯

-本網為發表平臺 請自留底稿


-未經本網同意 不得對本網各區塊內容進行複製 下載 列印或任何形式的侵權行為

-未經本網同意 聽力測驗內容不得錄音 或將全部或部分內容改製成文字檔 任意發表或轉載 

-有意在本網首頁加連結 請與我們聯絡



​-本網所涉及之所有金錢淨利所得 全數做愛心奉獻捐出


-Membership is free; join or drop at anytime

-Members trade in "White Elephants" are responsible for shipping

-Free gift is "FREE" on everything including shipping

-Listening Comprehension: paid listening services

-Make Profile "publish" to leave comments

-Pick "Subscribe" to get blog update notice

To Upload:

We welcome submission of uploads onto the blogs " Monologue & Conversation" and " Letters" from all over the world; however, the website editor will screen them prior to publication.

- Your recording should no longer than two minutes

- A document should be no longer than one page

- If in a different language, please provide a translation or dub into English or Mandarin 

- Keep your own copy; uploads are for display only


-Any reproduction, downloading or printing of the content in this website without the consent of is prohibited

​-Listening Comprehension session is confidential.  Any violation such as recording, transcript making and so on is prohibited 

-If you want to add a link to our Home page under Associated Links, please contact us

-All transactions are in US dollar

-All the net financial gain from the transactions on this website will be donated for charity 

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